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Deluxe Hotel Accommodations

$45.95 Certificate Licensing Fee

The yearly licensing fee allows you the rights to print, personalize,
design and distribute an unlimited number of certificates.


This vacation certificate is valid for a reservation form offering 3 days, 2 nights deluxe hotel accommodations for two adults in their choice of 10 destinations. Their only cost there is the hotel room taxes of less than $15.00 per night. There are NO other hotel fees. This offer is NOT connected with any timeshare presentation or sales pitch of any kind.

The customer will use their reservation form to specify the dates they wish to travel and then send in the form to the fulfillment center to have their dates booked. A written confirmation letter will then be sent to confirm their arrival date and hotel accommodations. Vacation Certificate users are guaranteed to receive their requested travel dates when booking reservations 60 days in advance and not selecting holiday weeks or weekends. Click on this link to view the steps for making hotel reservations.

We guarantee that you and/or your customers will receive deluxe hotel accommodations in the city of their choice. In Las Vegas, our most popular destination, we have always provided accommodations at major hotel casinos. We have never received a complaint about the hotels since all bookings are done at quality hotels in every location.

To redeem the vacation certificate, simply mail or fax it in with a $20.00 processing, postage and handling fee to receive your reservation form. You can also redeem the certificate online at Instructions are clearly printed on each certificate.

Las Vegas, NV
Anaheim, CA (Disneyland Area)
Lake Tahoe, NV

Reno, NV
Myrtle Beach, SC
Pigeon Forge, TN
Gatlinburg, TN

Branson, MO
Kissimmee, FL
Orlando, FL


The certificate is the size of a standard 8 1/2 by 11 paper when printed. Near the top of the certificate it will say “Compliments of”. When you place your order you will specify what you would like to have printed there; such as “Compliments of” your name, business name, website address etc.

Your certificate has a Gold border. Click here to see a sample of what the certificate looks like. You may choose not to have a border. You also have the option of redesigning or creating your own certificate as long as all of the original language is present and not altered. Certificates with altered terms and/or language will not be honored or redeemed.

$45.95 annual fee for this certificate includes the following:

· Unlimited Printing of the Certificate: When you purchase this vacation certificate, you will have the ability to print an unlimited number of certificates to hand out to all your customers. The certificate is the size of a standard 8 1/2 by 11 paper when printed. There is no limit on how many certificates you print. You can print the certificates from your home or office computer as often as you want and as many certificates as you need. Or you can just print one certificate and have copies made at a print shop. The licensing fee is required to be renewed each year for the continued usage of the certificate.

· Personalization of Certificate: You can personalize the certificate to include your business name and/or website address. If you have more than one company, you can print separate certificates with each business name on them.

· Ability to Resell the Certificates: You can resell these vacation certificates for any price you choose. Click here to learn more about reselling the certificates.


All major Credit Cards, PayPal and Check or Money Order by mail accepted.


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