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Resell Rights Bring Enormous Profits

Your resell rights let you sell the vacation certificates for any price you wish. Our distributors sell them for $1-$5 and more per certificate. Since you only pay a one-time fee to receive unlimited quantities of the certificates, this allows you to earn enormous profits. Most businesses that purchase them buy them in large or bulk quantities, so you can easily sell a large amount of them within a short period of time with very little effort.

We have distributors that have large accounts, like a national sales company, earning them thousands of dollars weekly. Plus, most businesses re-order the certificates once they've run out. You can make a substantial income on re-orders alone. We have distributors who used their resell rights to build a six figure residual income this way. Why not you?

Duplicate Yourself

Dale Queen, a business owner and distributor in the Atlanta Georgia area uses the power of duplication. He hired a sales force that work as independent contractors who enjoy a very impressive income selling the certificates to local businesses. Many of them have discovered the power of the internet and are moving huge quantities of certificates with their online marketing efforts. Top distributors maximize their efforts, tapping into both markets.

One of our more creative distributors wants to use the certificates as the core product for a network marketing company. This would be the ultimate form of duplication. As you can see, you are limited only by your imagination and desire. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to market the certificates, please contact us. We would love to hear them.

We are excited to introduce our newest program, for you serious entrepreneurs. It includes all of the certificate incentives offered on this site, plus a duplicate web site like this one so you can effectively market your certificates to a world wide audience.

Everything is included, web site name and registration, web hosting for the first twelve (12) months with two (2) hours of maintenance per month and all the email addresses you need. This online turn key business is only $249.95.