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Certificate Redemption Commissions

We make it extremely affordable to earn commissions or even start your own business or for any business, large or small, to cost-effectively utilize our incentives. We have put these incentives in the form of certificates that you simply print, email, post on your website or social media pages or simply hand out. When the end user redeems them you get paid $3-$6 per redemption per month. You can either purchase the reprint rights for the certificates individually or all of them at a discounted rate, allowing you to print an unlimited number of certificates.

Whether you need 1 or 1,000,000, you will always have as many as your efforts require. All of our incentives have high-perceived value. The certificate holder will pay a small processing and handling fee to redeem the certificate so they can enjoy what the certificate offers. Each certificate lists the terms and conditions of the offer so that the person redeeming the certificate knows what to expect before completing the redemption process.

You can sell or give away the certificates. Every time one of your certificates is redeemed, we pay you the commission amounts shown below. Just 300 certificates redeemed per month will earn you a $1500.00 commission check. Just one large account like a national sales company or auto dealership could earn you thousands of dollars per month.

We will credit your PayPal account every month that your commission total exceeds $50. If your commission total is less than $50 for a particular month, it will continue to accrue and you will be paid once it exceeds $50. Commissions are paid directly to your PayPal account during the first week of every month. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up for one at no cost by clicking on this link PayPal.com.

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