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Making Hotel Reservations

Travel Saver is a wholesale room broker providing promotional and discounted hotel accommodations for over 30 years. In order for us to continue to offer these programs, such as the Plan A offer, where the customers only cost is a small fee to cover the room taxes, we rely heavily on the customers READING the terms and conditions listed on their reservation form and FOLLOWING the instructions in order to book the 3 day 2 night hotel accommodations.

Everyone that follows the terms and conditions by submitting 2 valid dates and confirming their dates, 28-35 days before their arrival, will receive their hotel stay on this promotional offer. GUARANTEED! Travel Saver reserves the right to add/delete cities at any time without prior notice.

This Certificate MUST Be Registered Within 30 Days Of The Issue Date. Dates May Be Called In Or Submitted On Our Web Site If Not Known At The Time.

This certificate entitles two adults to receive 3 days and 2 nights hotel accommodations. This is a hotel promotion and there is no timeshare connected to this offer. There are two options on this certificate. Plan P is the promotional offer you were offered by the company you received this offer from. Plan M is an added bonus for those who wish to travel in less than 60 days, on weekends or holiday weeks at unbelievable discounted rates. Plan M is a 12 month membership program where you can book thousands of hotels at the lowest rates available anywhere. Plan M (membership offer) will be explained later. All customers with this offer can use Plan P, Plan M or both offers.

Please Read The Following Plan P Terms & Conditions. There is only 1 way to register the Plan P offer. Fill out the reservation form on the backside and Mail it to the fulfillment centers office. If you follow the Terms and Conditions below you are guaranteed to be confirmed within 10 to 15 days after submitting the reservation form.

Plan P Terms and Conditions

1) Register your certificate/reservation by filling it out and mailing it within 30 days of the stamped issue date on the back of the form. Enclose a check or money order for $29.95 to cover the cost of all room taxes. This is your only cost for two adults on the Promotional Plan P. Any/all changes/cancellations made to your Plan P reservation, for any reason, is subject to a $25 fee.

2) The reservation request form MUST be received in the fulfillment centers office at least 60 days PRIOR to your first choice arrival date and you must provide an alternate date that is at LEAST 45 days after your first choice date. You must provide an alternate date that is AT LEAST 45 days after your first choice date. Blackout dates on the Promotional Plan P are 7 days before and 7 days after a national holiday. Forms will not be processed with only 1 arrival date on Plan P. Myrtle Beach and Anaheim areas are not available on Plan P from June 1st through August 31st.

3) Arrival days are Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday on the Plan P offer. You or your guest must be at least 21 years of age. If traveling with additional adults/children, additional fees are $25 per night per additional adult/child (regardless of age) and MUST be paid at the time you submit your arrival dates. Maximum number of people allowed per room is 4.

4) If you do not know your arrival/check-in dates at this time, simply register your reservation form as detailed in #1 above, then contact the fulfillment center at least 60 days prior to your first choice arrival date and provide 1 alternate date that is at least 45 days after your first choice date. You may also submit your dates on our website at www.TravelSaverPromotion.com after registering. You cannot submit dates on our website if you nave not registered your form as per #1 in the Plan P terms.

5) Plan P is not valid for groups traveling, arriving or vacationing together (Plan M is valid for groups).

6) Customers who wish to add extra nights to their reservation may do so AFTER they have received written confirmation in the mail from the fulfillment center confirming their requested arrival date. You may call our office at 661-718-1017 to add extra nights.

7) Certificate expires 1 year from stamped issue date for Promotional Plan P. Plan P travel must be completed prior to expiration date. Refunds will not be issued on Plan P if dates are not submitted in a timely manner. Once you've been confirmed for your selected dates, no refunds will be issued on Plan P.


We have very few conditions to receive the Plan P promotional offer. However, the few conditions we have must be strictly enforced in order to honor our contracts with our participating hotels.

Travel Saver reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotional offer at any time. We assume no liability for any verbal claims made by others in conjunction with the distribution of this certificate. Travel Saver reserves the right to book in "surrounding areas" on Plan P during times of limited space availability.

Plan M Terms and Conditions

1. Plan M is a 12 month personal travel membership offer for a $50.00 yearly membership fee. This same membership sells for $200 on the membership site but Travel Saver customers can purchase it for just $50.00 per year. You will have access to over 60,000 hotels across thousands of cities. Rates are displayed for comparison for what you will find on other booking sites to see your savings per night. We have many 4 and 5 star hotels were you will save over $100 per night.

2. Membership can be used 365 days a year with no blackout dates.

3. Membership allows access to a membership only booking portal where prices are guaranteed to be lower than found on other travel sites by as much as 60% or more.

4. All reservations are booked directly through the membership portal with instant confirmation.

5. Your personal membership access username and password may be shared with family and friends for the 12 month period.

6. In order to prove that our membership prices will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year, we will offer a free live test to compare our prices. Simply open our booking site and check our prices at the same hotel for the same nights with any other website that books travel on the internet. Just call for a password and username for access to the Travel Saver, Inc. membership site or purchase a 12 month membership at www.TravelSaverPromotion.com.

To compare our discount hotel prices on the Travel Saver membership site, go to www.TravelSaverPromotion.com, click on the request a login link and fill out a request. You will receive an email with a demo login to check out our membership prices and compare our rates with Expedia or the actual hotel website to see how much more you save on our membership site.

Vacation Incentives USA (EOD - Parent Company) only sends the reservation form to you; you will register your reservation form with the fulfillment center for this offer (not associated with Vacation Incentives USA).

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