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VacationIncentivesUSA.com has created this unique business opportunity by working with the largest distributor of promotional certificate incentives in the country. Many distributors are earning thousands a month by giving away certificates in their business and also selling them to other businesses. Our certificates are the best promotional incentives any business will use to increase their sales and leads.

We are excited to introduce our newest program, for you serious entrepreneurs. It includes all of the certificate incentives offered on this site, plus a duplicate web site like this one so you can effectively market your certificates to a world wide audience.

Everything is included, web site name and registration, web hosting for the first twelve (12) months with two (2) hours of maintenance per month and all the email addresses you need. This online turn key business is only $349.95.


You can sell the certificates to businesses and individuals. Any person is a potential customer, as outlined below.


For years, Fortune 500 Companies have used certificate incentives to generate a substantial increase in sales, leads and referrals. Businesses use the certificates in their promotions that include direct mail offers for both new and previous customers, telemarketing, online ads, newspaper ads, and many other marketing campaigns.

By simply contacting companies about the certificates and how using them will dramatically increase their sales and leads, you will easily sell hundreds of the certificates to businesses of all kinds. Any business is a potential customer. As with any business opportunity, creativity is the key.

Think of the hundreds of telemarketing firms in every city in the country trying to get customers to let them come to their homes for an estimate or to see a demonstration of their product. Their leads increase by as much as 50% when they offer a free vacation certificate just for being home when the sales representative arrives. Every MLM company will increase their down line by offering free vacations to sign up.

Auto dealers all over the country are offering vacations to customers that come in for a test drive. Trade show exhibitors give them to people who visit their booth. Real estate agents give them to people who come to their open house. Mortgage companies give them as a gift for refinancing a mortgage. Fund raising organizations, schools, churches, etc will purchase the certificates to promote donations for just about any fund raising project. Photography studios offer them with each finished portrait. Insurance companies give them as a gift for a new policy written.

And the list goes on and on. The truth is, every business will increase sales when offering a free vacation certificate and you could earn a substantial income from selling vacation certificates to these businesses. A business opportunity like this can be fun.

Click here to see a list of businesses that use the certificates and how they use them.


You can sell the certificates to the general public. For example, you can sell them on your own website, at flea markets, to friends and family members. You can sell the certificates to anyone.


Distributing and Selling Certificates You Print:

When you purchase a certificate you are able to print an unlimited number of them. Each certificate is the size of a standard 8 1/2 by 11 paper when printed. There is no limit on how many certificates you print. Print as many certificates as you need. Or you can just print one certificate and have copies made at a print shop. You can sell the certificates you print for any price you wish. Since you only pay a one-time annual fee to receive unlimited printing rights of the certificates, this allows you to earn enormous profits.

Most businesses that purchase them normally buy them in large quantities, so you can easily sell a large amount of them in no time at all. One large account such as a national sales company could earn you thousands of dollars weekly. Plus, most businesses re-order the certificates once they've run out.

This business opportunity offers a residual income through re-orders. We have distributors earning 6 figure incomes by selling to large sales companies such as Kirby, Excel, Alpine Air, Avon, Petra Fashions, Fuller Brush, HomeWatch Security, Pre-Paid Legal Services, AmeriPlanUSA, Health Benefits Services, Security Central, etc.

We hope you see the value of this business opportunity and decide to join our team. We have the best money making opportunity on the Internet. There are thousands of distributors selling the certificates as explained here and many of them do this full time and earn a substantial income. Click here for details on how many of our distributors are reselling the certificates and making a full time income.

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